The training for vocal and instrumental teachers sponsored by the Netzwerk Musikhochschulen of Germany took place over 4 weekends in the Cologne Musikhochschule.  It was enthusiastically attended and brought a lot of inspiration for us all!

Stay tuned for more workshops!

Book launch!

Book launch!

My handbook Quality Practice is now available in English and in German (‘Optimal Üben’).

First Quality Practice Workshop in Lübeck, July 2017

First Quality Practice Workshop in Lübeck, July 2017

What's new? The publication of Quality Practice/Optimal Üben was kicked off with a workshop for teachers and students at the Hochschule Lübeck where I was joined by colleague Gerda van Zelm. Lots of engagement, interaction and ideas for the future! More...

23-26 May 2018Stadpfeifer Workshop (Bremen)

23-26 May 2018
Stadpfeifer Workshop (Bremen)

The Bach-Gesellschaft Bremen is sponsoring a workshop for trumpeters, oboists and bassoon players with repertoire written for the Stadtpfeifer (town musicians) by Telemann, Bach and other German composers.

3-8 July 2018Clarincanto (Zutphen)

3-8 July 2018
Clarincanto (Zutphen)

As part of the Zutphen Summer Academy, a workshop celebrating the vocality of the natural trumpet will take place. Repertoire from Italy, Spain, Germany and England for voice and trumpet will be explored and performed.